First couple of days in Tasmania

First couple of days in Tasmania

I am back in Tasmania, and a few people have remarked that Tasmania seems to be my happy place. Thinking about it, yes. I am content here, there is something very peaceful about the rolling hills, lush fields, small villages, the dated and gorgeous nature of Hobart. I am comfortable in the weather, recognising that I’ve always been here around summer so the odd rain shower is bearable and the cool wether lets me comfortable in jeans. I realise I am always on holiday, and visiting good friends, so I am not trying to make a living and always in a more relaxed frame of mind. However, with views like this to enjoy while drinking good coffee, it’s hard not to feel the stresses of life ebb away.

Ducks and goats were the features of today ! Sadly, Tasmania is the Australian capitol of roadkill, and the number of dead native animals on the roads, killed by cars, is horrible.

And a few photographs from today and yesterday’s walks. Yesterday was close to Kettering where I am staying, where I easily completed a walk I would not have managed 18 months ago when last here. OK there was a good cafe at the end of the walk, which always helps; the walk was maybe 2km one way, on uneven ground and I didn’t have or need walking sticks.

Today was along the Huon River and a tiny village called Franklin, then to a beautiful forested area, which was burned badly in 2019 ( incidentally when I was here, read about the fires in my post here). However, once I got over my initial shock at the destruction of the undergrowth and some trees, it was really interesting looking at how the forest was regenerating itself. It will be so interesting coming back in another year or so, to exactly the same place, to see how the forest has recovered.

Looking over to the wild south western areas of Tasmanian wilderness, one of the last untouched areas on this plant.

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