Next few days in Tasmania

Next few days in Tasmania

A few more photographs of Tasmania, and the weather is just as changeable as it appears. This morning was howling gales, bright sunshine, a puffy jacket needed, and snow on Mount Wellington. Yesterday was warm and humid, followed by misty rain, if you count 26C as warm. It’s lovely to see old buildings. Because Tasmania has never had a gold rush or any type of industrial boom, the old buildings haven’t been ripped down and replaced. Instead, they’ve been (largely) maintained and restored. I suspect Tasmania will see a tourist boom over the next years, with everyone being so cautious about international travel even the our borders open.

This is Richmond, and the oldest bridge in Australia, built 1830. It was then incongruous driving back through vineyards, to visit a radio astronomy dish donated by NASA in the 1960’s and still used by the University here. I keep forgetting how close everything is here, this old town was no more than 20 minutes from Hobart and 30 minutes back home from there.

And for the beach, a quick visit to a well-known favourite spot on the way home to home made Cornish pasties with a gin & tonic. It looks, and was, lovely but I was wearing jeans, a jumper and a scarf !

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