Last Tasmania photos, and home

Last Tasmania photos, and home

I’m home now, and finding the change to WA weather a real shock. After the cool grey light and softness of the atmosphere in Tasmania, a hot and humid Perth day has been brutal.

The drive to the top of Mount Wellington is a challenge in itself, then the view from the top is fantastic. It’s very windswept, warm down at sea level means beanies and puffy jacket up there.

The link between MS and heat impact is well known, the damaged myelin sheath ( caused by our immune systems attacking the myelin sheath hence ‘auto-immune’) causes impairment of signal transmission through the central nervous system. This damage to the myelin sheath makes our nerves very sensitive to heat, which slows down the signal transmission even more. Hence in cool weather, I managed 17,000 steps one day without my walking going too crazy.

We ate a lot of seafood ! When the very centre of the city is a fishing boat harbour, the freshness of the seafood can’t be questioned. Scallop pies, smoked salmon, freshly caught salmon, blue eyed trevally, prawns … all enjoyed. The rather good local whisky helped wash down the food.

And a great trip to a native animal sanctuary, where they rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals, the aim is to return the animals to the wild. If not possible, they have a home for the rest of their lives in the sanctuary.

So now I am back home in humid WA, and readjusting to a brighter harsher light. The colours are stronger, the edges of everything somehow more defined. The world is crisper here, and less forgiving, busier and more hectic. I am so happy to be back on the river and by the beach, and in my beloved Fremantle, but I miss the coolness of Tasmania.

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