A Festival weekend

A Festival weekend

It’s Perth International Arts Festival these next few weeks, and this has been a long weekend of different events.

La Soirée was a burlesque, slightly rude and extremely funny circus of people from all around the world.

Boorna Waanginy was a light and narrative with music show up in King’s Park, with Noongar stories and images projected onto the trees. The themes were around the Noongar stories of the land, the birth of Australia, and a really strong environmental message. Very sobering, to consider the changes to this ancient land in just the last few decades.

The whole show was both thought-provoking and visually beautiful, also I managed to walk 3km ! Very slow and with lots of breaks, but in good form and not swinging my leg.

And last was The Great Tamer, a Greek movement and musical discourse on the nature of time, obsession and tragedy. Sounds a bit heavy, but it was beautiful to watch. I am not sure I really understood the play, but the performances were superb and it was visually beautiful.

What thinking about this weekend has really highlighted to me is how much more energy I have now. Prior to going to Moscow, there is no way I could have managed a long weekend like that. Now, I’m managing my energy levels to accomodate a busy weekend, but not collapsing in a heap. Ok a week on Tasmania on holiday has helped, but the trend is upwards.

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