6 months today

6 months today

Well, its 6 months today since I received my stem cells, back into a body with a dead immune system with the expectation ( but no certainty) that the progression of my MS would be halted, and the hope that I’d see improvements. EDIT; my immune system was heavily suppressed but would have recovered very slowly without my stem cells.

I have been struggling with what to write today, as I went to work, sat on the train, went to a Dockers match, kayaked and had a bbq … then I realised the significance of that situation. I had nothing stunning to write about, because I am living life again.

There is still a long way to go. I get tired very easily, and working 4 short days is all I can manage at the moment. It’s taken a slow few months to get to this level of activity and I am still worse than when I went to Moscow. I can kayak 3km slowly, having slowly built up the distance. Fine motor control on my right side is definitely much better, that’s been one of the most noticeable improvements. My walking is generally good, if very slow, and I can generally stop it deteriorating with a very short pause. I’ve managed we reckon about 5km, over a couple of hours in the heat, which is a major win.

I go back to this graph. It’s based on anecdotal evidence from people who have undergone the same treatment, and puts me pretty much in the normal region with potential improvement to come.

A few photographs from Russia, as a reminder of just how far I have come …

The hard work will continue. The physio exercises to strengthen my core, glutes and hip flexors will develop and continue for many months into years. The MSGym program will stay with me for a long time, I am not sure for how long. However I am convinced the rehab exercising forms a major contributor to my improvement so far.

For a complete contrast, I was at the Dockers football match on Sunday, drinking a beer, watching my beloved team win the match. It was a match we’d no expectation of winning, so to win extremely well was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

One of my decision points for going to Moscow was a Dockers match last year, when I spilled beer all over myself, people thought I was drunk, and I couldn’t walk without lurching. On Sunday, I walked slowly and steadily, carrying a beer and some water, down the stairs to my seat.

I’ll take that improvement and be so, so grateful.

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