A favourite place

A favourite place

One of my favourite places, after a 3km paddle, watching the sun set and the colours change as dusk fell. Followed by a barbecue with a couple of beers, watching the footy in a big screen, with people I’ve known for years.

Small moments count for so much.

My paddling is gradually getting better, my weak arm holds up for longer before fading. I need shorter breaks to recover, and can manage a slow 3km with a few very short breaks.

That evening, yesterday, was after a few hours in the office for a meeting, followed by lunch then a little bit of shopping. Not a lot to manage a few years ago, now I am so happy to be able to manage that much activity without collapse. My limits are still very present, but are gradually expanding.

Living life fully is a skill. It takes time, practice and accepting the likelihood of failure. I’d rather try, and risk failure, for the opportunity to succeed.

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