A tragedy in NZ

A tragedy in NZ

I was going to write some burbling post, about how beautiful Fremantle is at the moment, and seeing the best in all circumstances, and being grateful for the good times to carry us through the bad times.

But ..

Estimated 49 dead this evening, shot while worshipping peacefully in two mosques, in Christchurch in the South Island of NZ. The massacre was broadcast live by one of the perpetrators, on social media, seeking I guess validation and congratulations for their horrific actions.

The words of Jacinta Arden, NZ Prime Minister;

What has happened in Christchurch is an extraordinary act of unprecedented violence. It has no place in New Zealand. Many of those affected will be members of our migrant communities – New Zealand is their home – they are us. 
The person who has committed this violent act has no place here.

This intolerance and terrorism has no place in our communities, I’m horrified and speechless. The only outcome here I can believe in is the outpouring of condemnation for the perpetrators, and compassion for those impacted.

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