Success & a peaceful weekend

Success & a peaceful weekend

A peaceful weekend of walking, breakfast in Fremantle, watching the Dockers win which is always a welcome surprise, and peaceful time at home.

My walking is definitely improving. That day included a 4.6km return walk along South Beach and while it took me a long time with lots of breaks, I finished it with reasonably good physical form. By that I mean my walking stayed pretty good. I realise my walking probably misleads people, as it’s absolutely fine over short distances, and I manage it carefully so few people see how ugly it gets after a while.

However, ‘a while’ is slowly, slowly increasing and is now better than pre-Russia.

The beautiful beach I walk on

Finding a good cafe in Fremantle, and a stupidly large serve of smoked salmon for breakfast, has to be a win !

One of the challenges in this journey is finding satisfaction in small adventures. A walk on the beach rather than an overnight hike, a kayak for coffee rather than kayaking across an inlet to camp. A good coffee.

I’m not there yet, I still grieve for all I can’t do, but this slow improvement helps keep me in an optimistic frame of mind rather than diving into grief and frustration.

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