More a travel blog

More a travel blog

This blog is slowly turning into more of a travel blog, which was always my hope and intention when I started writing it. Travel has always been a passion, and one of the reasons I work is to save the money to, well, not work and see other places, cultures, cities, scenery.

I had feared that the MS would result in me ending up in a wheelchair. While that certainly doesn’t stop one travelling, it certainly adds a level of complexity and planning that I can’t imagine at this point. Independent travel, again while still possible to a certain extent, would be far more challenging, and the far away places and scenery I really love would become almost impossible.

So the fact that my walking is slowly, steadily improving is a relief that I can’t really describe. It still deteriorates after a couple of kilometres, and is very slow, but that day was the second day in a week I exceeded 10,000 steps. There were lots of breaks in that time, but my walking never deteriorated badly.

This weekend has been a lovely, gentle weekend just south of Margaret River, with friends, food, wine, and heavy rain interspersed with the odd sunny patch, indoors activities for the main part. Card and board games were the general types of activity for the weekend.

A drive through the beautiful Boranup forest this morning brought us to a wild, woolly beach. The late morning and afternoon, after the beach, were a gourmet tour of the venison farm, chocolate place where the chocolate is made on the premises, and the olive oil farm where we had a great, simple and tasty, lunch of pasta and gnocchi with fresh local vegetables.

Managing to scramble around these rocks, slowly but steadily, was an affirmation of the distance I have come in the last year. Almost the same time last year, I could walk, but not steadily. And don’t be fooled by that blue sky, the rain came down a few minutes later in a major rain storm.

2 thoughts on “More a travel blog

  1. Such wonderful news!! I have been following your blog for months now as I prepare to leave for Moscow in September. It has been a source of encouragement and comfort as the rush of conflicting emotions associated with embarking upon HSCT bombards my soul.

    Thank you!!


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