Choosing a narrative

Choosing a narrative

We can all chose the narrative by which we live. Quoting the words of a fellow MS Gym person and veteran of AHSCT …

As adults we have to face the consequences of our actions. We may be able to delay them but we can’t escape them.

Think about the concepts of:

Cause & Effect (If I do action “A” then “B” will happen)

Sowing & Reaping (Action “A” leads not only to “B” but also outcomes “C, D ,E ,F ,G….”)

Playing the movie of your life means never looking at an individual action as a singular thing in and of itself. Each action is a link in a chain of events that is coursing the direction of your life in either a good or bad direction.

What will the final scene of your movie look like if:

–You eat food that harms your body, don’t make exercise a priority, and surround yourself with negativity?

–You take care of your body, nourish it with food, use movement to improve mobility, and speak and believe the best about yourself?


Which film do you want to be starring in?

What small steps can you take today to be the hero in your story?

Jodi Feltham, from the book “9 things you must do to succeed in love and life” by Dr Henry Cloud

Sometimes life and circumstances throw us curve balls, sickness or accidents or natural disasters, redundancy or divorce or sudden death of a loved one, there are a whole host of occurrences which just can’t be predicted.

A conversation I’ve been having lately has been about dealing with a chronic illness. Many of us have injured ourselves during sport, but that feels very different to discovering you have a chronic illness.

What narrative do you follow ? I strongly believe we can take the events which happen, the circumstances which befall us, and create a narrative of joy, great food, movement in the outdoors, films and friends. It may not have been the narrative we dreamed of and imagined living, but we can make it a book worth reading or film worth watching.

All the art work here is by Leunig, an Australian artist I’ve come to really enjoy.

God help us to change.

To change ourselves and to change our world.

To know the need for it. To deal with the pain of it.

To feel the joy of it.

To undertake the journey without understanding the destination.

The art of gentle revolution.


Leunig, who uses the word God as ” a sort of shorthand password, an inconclusive folk word, a signpost, a catalyst, a spark, a stepping stone, a simple makeshift handle … A simple robust word used lightly and loosely or as devoutly and deeply as we might feel “

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