The long way home

The long way home

We have just travelled through the slowly changing bush of the Great Northern Highway, from Karijini to Perth. Is this journey boring , or is it a slow meditation on geology, time and the incredible scale of creation ? This is one of my landscapes now, I love the young, mountainous, jagged, spectacular scenery of Europe and my youth but this ancient, worn landscape speaks of home now.

The slow progression from the iron ore country of the Pilbara, to the flat plains of the Goldfields with mines scattered throughout, to the rolling hills and greenery of the Wheatbelt in spring, New Norcia totally incongruous as a Benedictine monastery in the middle of the Wheatbelt of WA yet somehow just right … no, it’s not boring.

I’ll be honest, Spotify playlists certainly helped the journey with the odd podcast thrown in.

A point of scale, we have travelled 1499km ( 931 miles), more than the distance from Land’s End to John of Groats, in two days and the largest town we passed though has a population of 7000 people. The scales and distances here are immense. We didn’t travel the whole length of the state, let alone the country.

Two blown tyres, a blown compressor hose, a broken jockey wheel, a broken winch mounting bracket, a dead battery later, the roads are not kind in some of the places we’ve visited. However the camper-trailer and the car have done so well.

We’re home now, and glad to see the cats of course, but this would have to be right up the top of the list of great holidays. Swimming in Kalamina Gorge, on our last day in the Pilbara, we could very easily have just kept on going.

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