Weight or fitness ?

Weight or fitness ?

Firstly, a photograph of the prettiest manicure I think I’ve ever had !

I found myself thinking, after three weeks of more strenuous and technical physical activity than I’d dreamed I could accomplish again, about the weight I needed to lose. Really ??

After managing Handrail Gorge, and some days around 12,000 steps, also swimming and snorkelling, I started working out how much weight I need to lose to fit more comfortably into my jeans. I’m not going to start ranting about societal expectations, and the pressure on women to be slim, but I realised I had my priorities completely wrong.

A lot of pondering later ( and this is still a work in progress), I’ve decided to exercise, eat what makes me feel healthy, and see where my weight settles. There’s also the post AHSCT early menopause, currently halted with HRT but I’m sure that has an impact on weight.

The emphasis is what I’m trying to change, to health, good food and lots of movement, away from numerical goals for weight. Also, I’m thinking about 2-3kg, and that’s at the level where there’s really no health impact, it rather trivialises concerns others have who do need to lose 20-30kg or more to be in the healthy range, for me to obsess about a pretty minor amount of desired weight loss.

A photo I posted a few days ago, but it fits here really well. Looking at it again, what’s wrong with strong legs and a firm bum with muscle, anyway ?

The worst that could happen is I need to buy new jeans.

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