49th birthday

49th birthday

Yesterday was my 49th birthday. How did that happen ? How can I possibly, conceivably, be looking at my 50th birthday next year ?

I had dinner with my sister, and a friend who I’ve known for almost as long as I’ve been here in Australia, and a couple of other people. Certainly I’ve known Gena since I came to Perth, so that’s over 20 years now.

Well, that was yesterday. Today, the start of the final year before I reach the half century. It’s a strange thought, also I’ve been in Australia half my life now.

I never thought I’d stay. I still feel Scottish, even though I have no intentions to of ever going back to live. Brexit has changed the shape of the country I grew up in, that and a British Conservative government I could not support. However, there’s a land of rivers and mountains and coast I will never forget.

I know the next decades are here. Sunshine, optimism, friendly people, space, employment, cheap meals out then the odd fantastic meal out like tonight. Having a job that enabled me, in so many ways, to seek the treatment I needed and now supports my rehabilitation. But it’s more than that. A feeling that there is a future more than the daily grind of work. Stepping off the merry go round is an acceptable and enviable option.

Space and sky.

Ningaloo, last year

I left the UK at 25, healthy, early in my career, desperate to leave a future of work, mortgage, obligation. I found … well ,.. here. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty damn good.

A morning swimming, in the sunshine

2 thoughts on “49th birthday

  1. ‘This is how we party’ I can relate to that! It looks like you got a great selection of books for your birthday the Charlie Mackesy book is gorgeous.


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