Australia Day, again

Australia Day, again

Today is Australia Day, 26th January. I’ve been to the beach, had a swim, and breakfast, and off paddling this evening before a bbq watching the Perth fireworks – expect an update to this post with photographs.

Update; a peaceful paddle, followed by sunset and the colours fading, the fire works in the distance. The photo of the fireworks are pinched from the web, not taken by me ! the best moment, a souped up motor boat, around 150hp of engine power, all lights, sound system and young bikini/ speedo clad bodies, cruising past playing Elton John’s Tiny Dancer 😉

Last year’s post on the same day … and I’ve pretty much had a totally typical, lovely Australia Day.

However, 26th January 1788 was the date that the British landed at Sydney Cove, and soon declared Australia Terra Nullius, land to be taken. Watch the video below for just one true story, of how our Indigenous people have had to fight for their rights.

This marked the start of murderous oppression of the Indigenous peoples, who were only given the right to vote as a right here in Australia in 1962, and counted in the census in 1967. I won’t go into detail here, are there are far better internet resources with much more detail. Here is

It’s probably pretty clear I strongly support changing the date. We can all celebrate this fantastic country, support the strong push I’ve seen this year towards inclusivity, just do it on a different day. Captain Cook didn’t land first at Sydney Cove on the 26th of January, he landed a few days earlier at Botany Bay but there was no water there. So that date isn’t the first date the British set foot on Australian soil.

Why not make Australia Day the 3rd Monday in January, the way it used to be in some States, and aways have a long weekend with great weather ?!

The common grace website above supports acknowledgement and inclusivity. My acknowledgement;

Today, on this day of mourning, invasion and survival, I acknowledge the Noongar people, Traditional Custodians on whose land I stand and pay my respects to the Elders past, present, and future. I stand in solidarity for truth and justice and to #ChangeTheHeart of Australia.

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