Back to writing

Back to writing

So … I just checked this site and realised just how long it’s been since I posted. This summer has been hard, hot and very humid for WA, and this has really drained both my energy and my strength. With resuming working 4 days a week, hot weather and various visitors, any type of creative writing has just been beyond my ability.

However, what with coronavirus keeping me (and most of Australia) at home, the weather cooling off, and a beautiful peaceful weekend down in the south of WA, writing seems like a possibility again.

This is just a short post, as I have lots of thoughts about isolation and my time in Russia, coronavirus and how people are reacting, how to plan a day at home … but for now, some photographs from Denmark this weekend.

And some photographs from Andy, so a different viewpoint. We really weren’t roughing it too much.

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