Coronavirus & MS & AHSCT

Coronavirus & MS & AHSCT

Isolation again !

Well, we are not in lockdown here in Australia, yet, but I am working from home and largely self-isolating due my still slightly impaired immune system. I am finding the isolation rather peaceful if I am honest, as I avoid the everyday commute and am still working from home.

I think, having been in isolation before, I am not finding the change as major as some people. The same principles of routine, getting up at the same time, staying away from too much social media, having craft activities, maintaining contact with people … the same principles for a healthy mental balance are still as relevant when I was in Moscow or in Fremantle in the early days.

People with MS are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. As our immune systems are often suppressed by the disease modifying drugs
(DMD) we have to take, we are unable to fight the virus as effectively as someone with a healthy immune system. Also, as our immune systems go into overdrive, trying to fight the virus, there is I feel a very real possibility that the cells will attack the damaged myelin sheath. This then exacerbates existing symptoms, as the lymphocytes go a bit crazy.

There’s a very good article here which gives the same information, and mentions many of the DMD – and yes, I have been on a number of these drugs.

So going back into semi-isolation is a very sensible option for me.

I am still looking into the effect of the AHSCT which I undertook 18 months ago, but the treatment, basically chemotherapy, suppresses our immune system. While my immune system is nearly back to nearly normal, it’s that ‘nearly normal’ which makes me very cautious about the danger of infection.

Everything here is equally valid for anyone with a compromised immune system, these are just my thoughts on the topic.

Is it bizarre I find the images of the virus in the media weirdly beautiful ?

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