Small kindnesses, & a weekend sanctuary

Small kindnesses, & a weekend sanctuary

Getting on the bus after dropping off my car at the panel shop ( another story to do with wind and doors and other cars ), I realised buses only take cash and SmartRider cards. Neither items were in the handbag I decided to use today, of course. Faced with a long walk home, or an expensive and slow Uber, I was hesitating about getting off the bus, as the driver was being diligent; no ticket, no ride.

The kindnesses; an elderly lady offering to pay my bus fare, the driver charging a concession rate. So I could get to work, he meets the rules, and she gets my heartfelt thanks.

Small kindnesses count, particularly in these tense and stressful times.

I love Lord of the Rings, so this wasn’t the type of meme I was looking for, it’s perfect !

A weekend in Augusta, a good drive south of Perth. As our restrictions lift, people are starting to get out and about again. So good to see cafes doing a brisk trade, everyone sitting outside in beanies and scarves on a fresh, windy, rainy, sunny day. Hopefully, with our state borders still up, local tourism will flourish and the small businesses see a path to recovery.

A long weekend of food, jigsaws, fires, walking, beaches …. peaceful and in a beautiful bush block where we woke up to kookaburras in the morning, and watched the kangaroos bouncing past.

As I’m getting up ridiculously early at the moment ( see a previous post ), I saw the dawn two mornings, curled up on the balcony with a mug of coffee. If I have to get up early, I’ll make it worth while.

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