Kalbarri & Exmouth – photographs #1

Kalbarri & Exmouth – photographs #1

I am so profoundly happy that this is turning into a travel and holiday blog. I remember writing, back when I started this blog once I’d made the decision to go to Moscow for my treatment, that I hoped and prayed that this would morph into a record of travel adventures. While no-one could have anticipated that we would all be so restricted in our travel, in 2020, I am privileged to be confined to Western Australia. It is no hardship to explore this State.

We have just returned from a lovely week travelling, via Kalbarri, to Exmouth and Cape Range National Park. While there was a lot of driving, around 3700km over 10 days, the country changes so subtly that before you know it, you’ve travelled hundreds of kilometres and are in a totally different part of WA.

Below is a photo posting, more details of the trip in the next update but I am keen to get the photographs up to show the beautiful places we visited and explored. It’s a beautiful part of WA, and I am so pleased to be able to spend my holiday money with the small businesses that have been devastated by COVID. There is a strong feeling here of supporting local endeavours, so I am hopeful that, here at least, internal travel and tourism will keep many of these small family businesses operating.

I shall add much more detail, as it was a really interesting trip, with it’s challenges. However, the outstanding moments; turning around in the water to see a whale shark coming towards me, following two manta rays in the water, diving over the most amazing coral I could ever imagine with shoals of gloriously coloured fish; sunsets over the ocean; hiking through ancient gorges where we saw endangered rock wallabies which are smaller than the cats.

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