A walk in the park

A walk in the park

Well, a wildflower walk in John Forrest Park, a lovely national park around an hour from Perth. 4.5 km, and although my walking was pretty ugly by the end, it was so worth while for the wild flowers, trees, distant views of the city, and a really good simple meal in the Tavern at the end.

It’s one of those really dodgy looking, basic, sort of ugly Australian Taverns that then serves you a really decent, simple meal for a good price. Morrocan chicken on a bed of fresh salad, with a generous amount of avocado ? That’s just fine, with a cold beer.

A ‘walk in the park’ is not the right description for this recovery. It’s a long, difficult, slow path. I am coming out of a really hard few months, a combination of sleep issues, COVID, low oil price impacting the work environment, heat in the summer.

More in another post, but I am hoping a good kayak on Saturday, and the walk on Sunday, are a sign of a continuing upwards trend.

One thought on “A walk in the park

  1. You keep putting yourself out there Jen. Persist in edging those limits to have fresh experiences.
    I really enjoy hearing how you are doing Henrietta


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