Thoughts on sleep

Thoughts on sleep

I was talking about my sleep patterns last night and have been thinking about my sleep journey, if I keep the journey analogy going.

I’ve been working on my sleep over the last months, here is the post I wrote previously. The time with the sleep clinic, and the psychologist there, has been eye-opening for me. Working through my thought patterns around sleep, using a technique called cognitive behaviour therapy or CBT, has made me realise that

  • I can manage on much less sleep, and still function. 4 or 5 hours of sleep is far from ideal, but the world won’t come to an end
  • Waking up and lying there awake isn’t a disaster. I can enjoy the warmth and comfort, or get up and read
  • I don’t perform as badly as I perceive after a bad night. If it’s been a really bad night, a day filing and doing routine tasks is ok
  • I need a sleep routine. This is fundamental for me, and when I deviate ( seems to happen at the weekends !) for a few day my sleep quality diminishes

I am starting to relish seeing the dawn. My routine, and I’ll emphasise this is my personal need/preference, is to get up around 5-5:30am, see the dawn, and go to bed around 9:30-10pm. That’s around 7 hours sleep, and when I am strict with myself, the routine works well.

We are all creatures of habit. Because there has been no cat spam for a while, below our two creatures of habit. They are most content when we keep their lives stable and predictable.

I’ve been guilty, the last few weekends, of disrupting my sleep routine and lingering in bed too long. The consequence has been rapid; my sleep starts fragmenting and it’s taken a few days of rigour to get back to a restful night. I’m in exactly that position right now, a weekend of snoozing followed by a broken night, although without many of the negative thought patterns that the CBT appears to have addressed.

So I must remember to relish the dawn.

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