Roadtrip 2020

Roadtrip 2020

I’ve been thinking about this road trip I’m about to undertake, why it feels like the right type of holiday right at the moment, what I want to achieve from the experience and what I want to do when I am not driving.

A few areas spring to mind immediately

  • playing with my camera, I don’t use it nearly often enough and tend to rely on my phone. However I’m lucky enough to have a really good little camera which gets much better photographs than an IPhone
  • listening to music while I’m driving. All the albums I keep meaning to listen to, well now is a great opportunity
  • doing my exercises and something active every day. My body just feels better if I move it, which is going to be a challenge with some of the driving days
  • swimming and snorkelling, definitely a focus !
  • hopefully some wildflowers although I think I’ll be a bit too late for the towers as I’m heading north. Some flowers from my garden, as I was playing with my camera and checking I have all the cables to connect and charge the myriad of electronic bits I seem to need to take

With COVID and not being allowed out of WA yet (and likely for a while, given our very cautious State premier), we are being encouraged to get out, spend our holiday dollars, and explore our own State. I had always planned to spend my long service leave travelling in different countries, visiting friends, exploring new cultures and experiencing different landscapes. However, while this trip may not be my dream, it’s still going to be a challenge, a chance to see my own State with a bit more time, and just take life at a slightly slower pace.

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