Mostly packed, nearly ready to go

Mostly packed, nearly ready to go

The car is packed, the tent is in the boot with the sleeping bag and roll mat. The baby Esky ( cool box, I think it’s called in other places, chilly bin in NZ) is behind the drivers seat, snorkelling gear in the boot. The Spotify playlists are ready, HEMA is downloaded so I can track my progress … I am so sure I have forgotten something major.

I hope I recognise my car, without the roof racks ! It’s been many years since I’ve had a naked car. However it seems like a good idea, to reduce fuel consumption over a few thousand kilometres.

Most importantly, we’ve been out for a last lunch by the beach and coffee, on the motorbike. Andy has work over the next weeks, so is unable to come with me, although he’ll try to join me later in the trip.

HEMA tracking on, playlist chosen … Moora via the Bindoon Bakehouse next stop.

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