The shortest road trip ever

The shortest road trip ever

After receiving the phone call no-one wants, about three hours out of Perth, my road trip took a major detour. Along with my plans for the rest of my working life, with a not expected but not totally surprising redundancy phone call. As of next Tuesday, I’m a free agent.

So I spent the next day in Moora, just gathering my thoughts, before heading back down to Perth this morning for more calls with Woodside and various other people.

The industry has been going through major turmoil, the oil price crash has impacted our bottom line so severely that all major projects have been indefinitely postponed and all the major companies have had to make redundancies.

Maybe this is the opportunity to change the direction of my working life. While I work out what I want to do, I’ll be able to focus on exercise and rehabilitation, in our beautiful WA spring and summer.

As one door closes, another door opens.

( excuse the plagiarism of David Avocado Wolfe, I like the image but hate the sh$t he spouts)

Some photographs of the landscape and beautiful flowers around Moora. I spent a very quiet, contemplative day yesterday just letting my mind settle in beautiful surroundings.

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