Better days

Better days

Just a quick update … a couple of quiet days;

  • kayaking, of course ( 6km in a tippy boat with a propeller blade, first time for say 5 years and my core muscles really aren’t up for the job !)
  • swimming this morning at the pool, 20 lengths so very happy with that
  • lunch with a friend, we are so privileged to be COVID free here
  • making cheese this afternoon, not as hard as you’d think although I am making the most simple ricotta and marscapone
  • snoozes on the sofa, I am absorbing so much sleep at the moment

Life feels a lot better, however I am having to resist the urge to panic and just step back to breath in the spring air for a while. This is time not to squander or waste.

Just a reminder, with Facebook doing it’s thing and bringing up memories. Two years ago yesterday, I made my first outing to South Beach after Russia, still wearing the mask which at the time was unheard-of, and walked around 100m to the shore.

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