The road trip resumed

The road trip resumed

The road trip has restarted, south not north this time. Tonight I’m in the Lake Grace campsite, after being uninspired by the accomodation options. Also, I’m heading to the south coast just as rain is due to hit, so I want to get at least one night of camping in. Typical timing !

The drive was peaceful, google maps took me down some little country roads, so I enjoyed the open scenery, space and vastness of the sky. Very few people on the road, and as soon as I got into the real countryside, the drivers always do the small wave of acknowledgement.

Lake Grace the town is a very small place, literally a one hotel town with tumbleweed blowing down the Main Street. But Lake Grace itself, that I had not expected. The expanse of water and salt lake, in the evening sun, surrounded by bush, was beautiful.

I wrote a while ago about relishing tiny slices of joy. Well, tonight it’s having my tent up with my sleeping bag ready, a decent chicken burger with pineapple and cheese ( don’t ask. It’s very country Australia) from the road house, and now a cold cider from the bottle shop while I use Andy’s cool little lamp to light my campsite. It’s about appreciating these small blessings, for what they represent.

Tomorrow … the drive to Esperance.

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