A pleasant breakfast

A pleasant breakfast

Sitting in a Fremantle cafe, listening to the staff laughing and joking with a very elderly lady. She is clearly a frequent customer, as they know her order and her name. Maybe this pandemic will remind us to enjoy the small pleasures and appreciate the people who make them happen. Good coffee and a savoury muffin with butter while giving our long appreciated cleaner space in the house ?!

Sunday I restart my road trip, heading south rather than north to avoid the heat. This will be a much shorter trip, Perth – Esperance – Albany – Perth is the plan, with the objective of swimming at as many beaches as possible along the south coast. It’s a drive I have never done, although I’ve been to both towns the route along the coast is new territory for me.

Some time out is definitely needed, after the last few weeks. It’s been just over three weeks since leaving on my road trip, being made redundant, finishing at Woodside, and the death of my beautiful, gentle graduate ( her mother has asked for no publicity, no names in the press, so I will honour that request). Time to go get lost in the Great Southern part of this State.

Some photographs stolen from the internet, mine will follow.

One thought on “A pleasant breakfast

  1. Good luck Jen . A good chance to take in your surroundings, time to let your brain meander and throw up thoughts and ideas out of left field


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