End of the first stage

End of the first stage

Well, I’ve reached the end of my first unit of study. Hopefully I have a job to go to soon, and I’m on holiday in our beautiful South West of WA. Below a few photographs, and I’ve been relishing a few days of really not doing a great deal. Swimming, hiking, eating has been the sum of most days.

Getting back to studying at a tertiary level has been fantastic but far more difficult than I’d really anticipated. The rigour of academia, and need for structure and self-motivation, has been an awakening for me. I think I am still absorbing how I am going to integrate the study into my daily life, as this has been 1/12 of my Masters so a long way to go before it’s complete.

So this week is a pause and reset. The photograph header is the seat I am currently enjoying, catching my breath, before heading back to a melee of people, dogs and great food.

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