Six weeks of work, and my first holiday

Six weeks of work, and my first holiday

I am sitting in the plane, on the way to Broome, after my first six weeks of working at Santos. The holiday was booked before I started work, and it feels like a good time to take a break and just consider the job.

It’s a day to day support role, keeping an oil facility running, and is a very different pace and stress level to my previous job at Woodside. Five days a week, early start but a beautiful early finish most days. When it’s busy, it’s crazy and high focus, but with a lot of laughter. I feel a little as if I’ve been run over by a steamroller, not in a bad way but there has been so much to adapt to in this new work environment that I haven’t had time to reflect.

To have a week off now, with no particular plans other than eating, relaxing and exploring an area of WA unknown to both of us; a chance to reflect on the new job, where working on the oil and gas industry sits with my Masters, and defining a new work-life balance.

Milo disagreeing with me working in the evening
A rather pleasant early dinner out, watching sunset

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