First days in Broome

First days in Broome

Four days we have now been in Broome, and it’s a peaceful, mellow place. Lots of clean, empty beaches with dinosaur footprints, lovely sunsets to watch while eating curry at the surf club, remote capes to explore followed by a pearl farm tour and a rather lovely pearl necklace …

The dinosaur footprint tour was lovely, a brightly painted flat bottom boat took us across Roebuck Bay to see sauropod and therapod footprints. Then we were taken up the creek for sparkling wine, cheese and biscuits surrounded by water birds, then back to the beach for more food as the sun set glowing on the red cliffs.

Cape Leveque was a challenging drive, given rain the night before turning the unfinished gravel and sand section into, well, mud ! Spectacular up there, cliffs and beaches and bush, desolate other than a very isolated cafe at the very tip with a light house. We then visited Cygnet Bay pearl farm, great and informative tour which ended up with the purchase of a rather nice necklace for me 😉

To finish off today, we watched another sunset at Cable Beach from the surf club, with a beer and curry from a food van. A welcome change from meting out in cafes and restaurants for the last few days. A peaceful, mellow atmosphere of backpackers, grey nomads, tourists and locals, all relaxing in a beautiful spot.

And now a peaceful evening of blogging, drinking wine, eating crisps and watching dated British television. Tomorrow a drive to a swimming location which we need to visit at high tide ( the tides here are high and twice daily, so different to Perth), a lazy afternoon by the pool or at the beach and dinner in a trendy cafe.

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