Beaches and moonrise in Broome

Beaches and moonrise in Broome

More beaches, Coconut Wells this time which is a lovely, largely deserted tidal lagoon and wild, windy beach. It’s been crazy cold for Broome, the wind hasn’t helped, so we’ve been wearing jumpers and a scarf much of the time. This place was lovely, a wander around for a few hours watching how the lagoon drained on the falling tide. Also a true 4WD track to a windswept beach, no-one there just blue sea and limestone cliffs.

And tonight was Stairway to the Moon, an occurrence every month when the full moon rises over the tidal flats at low tide, reflecting the glow of rising moonlight on the ripples. We didn’t plan to visit at the right time, we were just very lucky. Disclaimer; the good photograph isn’t mine, its very difficult to get a good photograph without a tripod and very good camera.

This week has been very much about the food here, we have had some amazing meals. I can’t bring myself to take photographs of my meal, but a few of the meals

  • fish and chips at the pub
  • seemingly endless starters at a cafe beside the road, not elegant but the food was so good. Calamari, crispy pork belly, pork bay, chicken wings …
  • duck breast and scallops at an Asian fusion place
  • scallops barely seared followed by crispy skin salmon followed by dark chocolate tart ( that was tonight’s farewell to Broome meal)

So the next few weeks will be back to work, back to basics and simple food with lots of exercise !

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