The start of 2022

The start of 2022

It’s New Years Day and I’m sitting in our campsite at Walpole, reflecting on the year just passed. It was meant to be the year the world worked out how to manage COVID , we could all start travelling again and I’d do the big trip back to Europe I’d been planning for years.

Instead, it’s been a year of variants, closed borders, yet more delay in travel, politicians around the world making decisions I cannot comprehend. For me, I’ve started a Masters which I’m loving, a new job which has taken me offshore again, and have been swimming all spring with a long distance ( for me, 1.6km) swim as the end goal.

Changing paths indeed.

The week down here has been one of kayaking out to the mouth of the inlet, walking, swimming in clear pools, and lots of good food. It’s been very peaceful this year, maybe we are getting older or it’s just been what was needed after a hectic year. The weather has been beautiful most days, warm and sunny with cool nights. We could only have a fire one night, after light rain; so pleasant to sit around a glowing fire.

New Year’s resolutions, well I’m not really making any resolutions as what I’m doing with healthy eating, exercise and accepting that my focus has to be on work and study is working well. So more of the same, and with hot days forecast swim training will be the goal !

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