End of a unit (nearly) & Northam

End of a unit (nearly) & Northam

We have just had a really quick weekend up in Northam, around 90 minutes from Perth and a faded old Wheatbelt farming town. It was a weekend of walking along the river, eating good food, drinking dodgy coffee and relaxing a lot. Sitting out on the balcony of an old, beautifully refurbished hotel, drinking rose while crocheting away, wasn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

It’s been a crazy few weeks, with finishing off my last major assignment for this unit of study and a very badly planned trip offshore. The trip was really good, I always relish the opportunity to talk to the people I work with, but having to go out for 5 days just before my major assignment was due, and having to do a presentation on Australia’s renewable energy future while on a rusty oil producing FSPO; the irony wasn’t lost on me.

Working and studying, it’s definitely a stretch and I really feel for people who do it while having young children around. We were able to eat very simple food or buy takeaway, and Andy managed pretty much by himself for about 4 weekends. I am considering doing three units next year, but may decide not to overstretch myself and stay with 2 units. I still have an oral exam for this unit, but that’s a couple of weeks away. Again, the studying has been so interesting, and so much of the news, and focus on COP26, makes more sense the more I learn.

Offshore … good as always but hectic as normal and with not nearly enough hours. Working on my assignment after a 12 hour day was a bit of a nightmare so managing to get my assignment in with 2 hours to spare and a reasonable job ( although not as good as I’d have liked) meant that this weekend was very welcome.

Back to Northam, a few images below showing some of the beautiful old buildings and quirky art works on the bridge. Walking round that bridge reminded me of my various Avon descents, seems like a life time ago.

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