A day of city & country

A day of city & country

A few photographs of a lovely day this weekend, and of kayaking in the moonlight the night before. Lucky we had a lovely weekend as the rain came down on Monday, hail and thunderstorms. That’s spring in WA !

Mundaring Weir is close to Perth, and the site of the first pumping station for the pipeline up to Kalgoorlie. it’s a little slice of Perth history and the amazing engineering that got water 500km to a dry outback town. The tragedy is that the engineer who designed the system committed suicidal when they returned in the pumps, and the water didn’t come out the other end. The public disapproval was massive; then the huge pipe finally filled and the water came out. Too late for CY O’Conner, and poignantly proves the value of deliberation and patience.

And a paddle as the sun set from the club, followed by a very disappointing footy match. No, my team didn’t win and they are now out of the competition. There’s always next year.

And some classic cars from Sunday morning after a coffee while I waited for Andy. It was very peaceful sitting in the sun watching Perth slowly wake up.

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