Picasso, Lego & AFL

Picasso, Lego & AFL

A long weekend in Melbourne, we booked when it looked like the Dockers had a chance to be in the Grand Final. That was not to be, however it’s been a lovely gentle weekend of art galleries, museums, cafes and very funky restaurants, and the weather has been surprisingly good for the time of year. grey and rainy one day but sunny albeit cool for the rest of the weekend.

The Picasso exhibition was a sheer lucky coincidence, a drop into the art gallery just to see what was going on led to a beautiful exhibition of his art and the influences that impacted him through his career. We went from early Cubism, through Classism to Surrealism.

Lego at the museum and triceratops models … a pleasant morning surrounded by families with kids everywhere. The museum is a light, bright and spacious building, not like the dark and dusty museums I remember from childhood.

The reason for coming across to Melbourne was for the AFL grand final, a few months ago when Fremantle were looking really good. Well that didn’t eventuate, however we decided to come across anyway for a pleasant trip from Perth. A riverside pub, a few beers and pub grub, not a bad way to watch a footy match where I didn’t really mind who won.

Not my images, imagine the bar full of fans in red ( Sydney) and blue & white (Geelong), with a great atmosphere. Good pies and pizza and beer as well, very important for the Grand Final !

It’s exactly four years since my treatment. Four years today since my own stem cells were injected back into my veins. I’m not sure how I feel, happy to have this weekend away with friends and not focussing on where I could have been if I hadn’t gone to Moscow. Wondering how I would have been managing, physically, if I’d had the treatment earlier; my walking is still limited and I’ll never run 4km again or be able to even dream of another Camino.

However, I’m still walking, kayaking, working, flying to Melbourne for fun weekends. That’ll do for me.

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