Three days in Central Scotland

Three days in Central Scotland

Three very different days in Scotland, with surprisingly good weather. Sunshine and only a few rain storms to keep the days interesting.

A Rennie Mackintosh designed house, suffering from the damp so encased in its box while they work out the restoration.

Graceful interiors, some original and some copies but beautifully coherent design.

A Japanese garden nestling at the foot of the Ochils, a really peaceful place now restored to its early 1900’s glory after vandalism and decay led to it nearly disappearing. There was something incongruous but fitting about a peaceful Japanese garden hidden in the hills of central Scotland; the skill of the garden design showed in how well the garden fitted with its landscape.

For my last day in this part of Scotland, a walk up Dumyat. I last managed this walk around 2017, so was very happy to manage it relatively easily. The cool weather will have helped greatly, as warm weather speeds up my leg and arm getting weak & uncontrolled.

Tomorrow, off for a couple of days in Glasgow to revisit the city. It’s been 30 years since I spent time in the city, I’ve just never returned after graduation.

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