Busselton Jetty swim completed

Busselton Jetty swim completed

We did it, after a good few months of training Tarryn and I completed the Busselton Jetty 3.6km swim as a duo. I swam 1.4km, she swam 2.2km, along with around 4000 other swimmers. There were Olympic level athletes, keen hobby swimmers, teams of two and four, and many who were so happy just to participate in the event. It’s incredibly inclusive, wth a variety of different distances and the support surfers and kayakers paying attention to everyone, to ensure they finished safely.

I would do the event again, in a heartbeat. Next year, I plan to complete the jetty to beach option, where you swim from the very end of the jetty to the finish line, 1.6km. That’s a goal to keep me training, all through the winter.

This was my summer of swimming, however the swimming will not be coming to an end. My physiologist commented on how my strength has clearly increased, and when I swim regularly, I definitely sleep better. Also, I do like my food and this long distance swimming does mean I can enjoy a big bowl of pasta. I really enjoy the rougher days, not swimming nearly as far but way more of a physical challenge.

A moment to treasure from the swim; swimming along watching the fish and ripples on the bottom, turning my head to breathe and being able to see clearly through crystal clear water, for many metres, to other swimmers either side of me. Pretty special.

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