Changing city

Changing city

In some ways, Glasgow is a changing city, with new high rise buildings, modern shopping arcades and cafes of all nationalities. In other ways, there’s an ancient cathedral, a necropolis, and the University of Strathclyde has changed remarkably little. Well there are new buildings, and better facilities but the heart of the Uni, and swarms of young people, and buildings in which I studied … still there.

I don’t remember ever really having fixed ideas of where I would be, 30 years after graduation, however I don’t think that working offshore, returning to study at 50, and being able to travel (reasonably) at will, was ever on my radar. The turning point I think was the decision to travel for a year after working in Essex, and getting that first offshore job in Bass Strait, in Victoria.

One of the changes in Glasgow has been the streets art, in my time it was graffiti only. Now we have spectacular artworks.

I’m glad I visited Glasgow, and some of the places I knew well, and on a sunny day the city is spectacular. I’d revisit happily, but leaving on a grey, drizzly morning has reminded me of the realities of Scotland.

The statue of Wellington still wears a traffic cone !

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