2nd day of iso & Grand Final day

2nd day of iso & Grand Final day

For those of you not Australian or in any way interested in AFL, the significance of today being the Grand Final, a West Coast team (the wrong one but never mind that) being in the Grand Final means I can happily stay in bed, listening to 80’s rock while watching the match on my phone ! I’ll need a serious snooze afterwards, particularly the way this match is going.

My routine for isolation is shaping up. The nurses come in about 630am for various samples, which I can doze through. I make sure I’m up and moving, drinking coffee by 8, as that’s when the cleaners come in to clean everything. I mean everything, including my twice daily vodka swab down. I need to be awake for that.

The morning is a bit of reading, blogging, and I have to be very thankful for the social media and email which is keeping me in touch both with people here and at home in various countries. I will never underestimate the value of human contact and the ease with which we can now send photos, videos etc. This is not true isolation in any punitive sense.

The afternoon seems to have become crochet or light reading, while listening to music. I’m pretty tired by then so there’s often a few short dozes but I’m trying to stay as awake as possible so I can get my currently terrible night sleep back in line.

Not much update, as my readings are all exactly as expected at this time. I’m very tired and weak ( not just from watching the footy) as is to be expected, so taking the chance to really relax and snooze an amazing amount. I’m modeling myself on my old cat.

And some rainbows and jewellery just to make me smile

Yes, wiped with vodka! No, not the cat, the jewellery

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